How do you use keyword clustering to boost your SEO?

How do you use keyword clustering to boost your SEO?

Boost SEO Keyword Clustering

Keywords are an integral part of a successful SEO strategy. The efficient use of keywords can optimize your content perfectly while going wrong with them might not allow your website to rank.

Keyword clustering is another tactic you can use to strengthen your SEO strategy. It seamlessly optimizes your content effectively to encourage users to stay on your website.

This blog by Pat’s Marketing, a prominent SEO company in Toronto gives you insights into keyword clustering.

What is a keyword cluster?

The group of keywords representing similar search intent to the visitors is termed keyword cluster.

Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose, you own a business that sells jackets. Here, some of the keywords would be, “jackets for men”, “jackets for women”, “winter jackets women”, etc. Here, the search intent is the same. These are some of the ways that users might search, which makes it necessary for your website to rank for these keywords.

Missing out on any of the potential searches might mean a major loss for you. Websites covering multiple keyword phrases get ranked quite easily as Google actually feels that the website is answering every question of the user.

To summarize, the content on your website should efficiently use both, primary & long-tail keywords. It would help your website gain the maximum traffic in no time, and hence boost the sales considerably.

What are the benefits of keyword clusters?

So, how do the keyword clusters help strengthen your overall SEO strategy? Checkout the answers below.

1) Helps you to understand search intent: Understanding the search intent is a must to invite maximum traffic to your website. When you put similar key phrases together, you answer multiple questions in your website content and hence invite maximum traffic.

Hence, the first benefit of keyword clusters; it helps you understand the search intent.

2) Boosting your site’s visibility: Keyword clusters optimize your content perfectly and make it powerful, which ultimately boosts the visibility of your website considerably.

As your content will be well-optimized, it would make the search engine trust your website, and hence it would be easy for the search engine to rank your website.

3) Getting ranked for maximum keywords: Keyword clusters allow you to rank for maximum keywords rather than getting ranked for a single keyword. This is another primary benefit of keyword clusters.

4) Reducing cannibalization risks: Keyword clustering eliminates the chances for any duplicates, and you will exactly know the things like the source of your links, the anchor text, etc.

How do you create keyword clusters?

So, how do you create keyword clusters? Checkout some of the most reliable and proven ways to create them below.

1) Begin with extracting keywords and creating a list: The first step of creating keyword clustering is to extract the right keywords and create a list of the same.

Begin with selecting the primary keyword for which you desire to get ranked. Then, do some research, check out the things like search volume, ranking difficulty, etc., and figure out the long-tail keywords along with their variations that you can use in your content.

You can use several keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. to extract the right keywords and use them in your content.

Once you extract the keywords, prepare an organized list of the same. You can use any tool to do so. However, Google spreadsheet is the most recommended one.

2) Group the keywords: After you have extracted the keywords and prepared the list for the same, take some time and figure out the correct patterns. These patterns will help you to group the keywords and use effectively them in your content.

For instance, you can create a cluster of keywords having similar search intent. Ensure that each keyword you form a group of is relevant and content optimizer. Being irrelevant will only degrade the quality of your content.

Ensure that the keywords having the highest value are included in the clusters. Yes, not every keyword has to be a part of the cluster, but you cannot miss out on the most valuable keywords at all.

3) Create pillar pages: Keyword clusters will represent the primary topics of your website. You now need to create landing pages along with a pillar page backed by strong research.

Ensure that the pillar page you create is top-notch and fulfills every SEO criterion. Try to write the long-form content, and use your keywords efficiently.

Keyword clustering is an advanced SEO strategy that can be a major help for you in terms of ensuring that your strategy gets a massive edge over your competitors. Efficient keyword clustering would give positive signals about your website to Google, and hence getting it ranked would be easy.

Keyword clustering would demand considerable research and efforts from your side. And with the importance of keyword clustering increasing on an exponential basis, you simply cannot miss out on it at all.

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