According to research most online consumers use a search engine or social media to look for products and services online before they actually make a buying decision. No matter how your product/services are, your website look and feel, information and presentation is a key factor in creating a comfort factor for the prospect to make a buying decision.

If you are not providing prospects with a professional website which is as good or better than your competition, you are losing business to your competition!

Too often designers build websites for the sole purpose of making it ‘pretty’. However, unfortunately many of them either lack the knowledge or simply don’t care about the ‘usability’ or ‘search value’ of a website. Without a 360 degree view about online marketing, designing a website is like driving a car without license! You might get hit any time…

You can attract traffic and potential buyers to your website through search engine marketing, social media strategies and other advertising. Nonetheless, a poor website will not convert this traffic into sales and leads for you. So you not only you loose business, but also loose marketing dollars.

  • Poor Site Functionality: Users get frustrated when they enter a site and find it difficult to find what they are looking for easily. For e.g. if you have ton of products on your website and do not provide a search feature or if your contact number is hidden deep inside the page and hard to locate.
  • Slow Website Speed: Heavy graphics, flash or slow loading times are a huge concern for website owners, esp. online retailers, as consumers simply hate waiting around for a website to load up. A slow site discourages users, and may leave without completing their transaction or finding what they came for.
  • Outdated Messaging and Content: Lack of clear messaging or outdated content costs you valuable sales as it amounts to poor user experience of the site. Content should be thorough and targeted to engage and convince users, otherwise prospects may leave the site (bounce) in the first few seconds of their visit.
  • Website not selling your service/products to your expectation: If you’re having poor sales or visitors are leaving too quickly, it is time to understand your market and get a website upgrade.
  • Competition is faring you down: If your competitors have an attractive site, or an enhanced web presence, crisp messaging, with well structured navigation and links, you may be losing a big chunk of market share out to your competitor(s). Your website then needs a major overhaul, wherein you need to align your brand messaging with the right go-to market strategy.
  • Fail to show Value: A home grown website or template driven site may fail to give you any value or return. Hiring a professional company can add a touch of professionalism while highlighting your real value in front of your customers.
  • Lack of mobile support: With the ever increasing use of smartphones, it is crucial to optimize your website for mobile devices. If your website is not designed to give an optimal mobile browsing experience, consider going for an upgrade.

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