8 Tips to improve the organic CTR of your website

8 Tips to improve the organic CTR of your website

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Organic CTR is one of the most important things if you desire to increase your conversions. Numerous digital marketers invest all their efforts and time in SEO, but that doesn’t really make any difference if the organic CTR of the website remains untouched.

If you are a Digital Marketer, you need to know every in and out of organic CTR. This blog by Pat’s Marketing, a prominent Toronto SEO agency explains the same.

What is the organic CTR of the website?

Before we move any further on how you improve the organic CTR of a website, let’s discuss what does organic CTR mean.

In simple words, the number of searchers clicking an organic result on a search engine result page divided by the total number of impressions for that specific keyword or say search term is termed organic CTR of the website.

Hence, organic CTR = total number of searchers who clicked organic results/total number of searchers

Importance of organic CTR

So, what makes the organic CTR important? Well, organic CTR simply means more traffic on your website. More traffic gives Google a positive signal about your website, which makes it easy for Google to rank your website.

Additionally, even Google has mentioned multiple times in the algorithm updates that the CTR is a crucial point of consideration, which definitely gives us a strong reason to believe the CTR does matter.

How do you improve the organic CTR of your website?

Now, when you what does organic CTR mean and why is it important for your website, let’s see how you improve the organic CTR of your website.

1) Be right with the titles: Title is the first and the most important thing that visitors notice before clicking your website link. An appealing title can invite more and more users to click it and hence land on your website.

If the reports are to be believed, an appealing title can improve the organic CTR of the website by 6 to 7%. Yes, the stat is significant, and hence you simply cannot afford to miss out on writing the right titles at all.

Additionally, make sure that the title you write is clear and explains your blog in a nutshell. You can use brackets and a numbered list in your title. It is actually a proven way of success yet used quite less.

Testing your titles is also a great idea to ensure that the title is actually up to the mark. There are various tools like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, AnswerthePublic, Sharethrough Headline Analyzer, etc. Even the All in One SEO plugin is a great tool to write dynamic and crisp titles.

2) Incorporate long-tail keywords: It is one of the most reliable ways to increase the organic CTR of your website. Efficient use of the long-tail keywords implies better visibility of your content and hence an increase in website traffic.

Yes, finding the right long-tail keywords that you incorporate in your content is quite a difficult task. However, the tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, etc. make it quite easy for you.

You just need to submit your seed keyword, and you will be getting numerous long-tail keyword ideas that you can include in your content. However, ensure that you select only the relevant keywords having some search volume. Being irrelevant here will make things worse for you.

3) Write compelling meta descriptions: Writing great meta descriptions is another reliable way of improving the organic CTR of your website. Firstly, how do you define a great meta description?

A great meta description gives the users a clear idea of what your post is all about and how does it deliver value to the users. Your meta description must answer the questions of your audience clearly. Additionally, it should be persuasive enough to make users click the same and visit your website.

Adding CTA is also a good practice, provided the character count recommendation isn’t violated here. Yes, meta description has to be short, but you need to give yourself a considerable amount of time to craft it.

4) Work on local SEO: Dominating local SEO is another crucial thing to boost the organic CTR of your website. Local SEO ensures that your content reaches the right audience, and hence increases the organic clicks considerably.

Local SEO might not seem to be a very important thing to you, but the impact it creates is really a major one. Creating a Google My Business account is one of the most reliable ways to ensure a top-notch SEO for your website.

You can use the local SEO add-on that All in One SEO plugin comes alongside it. This add-on is a major help when it comes to improving the local SEO for your business. The more your local SEO will improve, the more your website will generate organic clicks, and the better will be your organic CTR.

5) Let website URL be relevant and explaining: It is a proven thing that URLs do matter, and rightly so. After all, URL is something that would make users trust your website. Hence, it’s important to stay relevant and allow your URL to explain the value that your content delivers.

Just a couple of words in your URL can really boost the organic CTR considerably, which makes it important for you to play right with it.

Avoid changing the URLs until and unless the situation is unavoidable. Even if you need to do it, follow every SEO guideline to do so. Hence, the next major and the most important way to increase the organic CTR of your website; keep the website URL relevant and explaining.

6) Improve the website speed: Slow loading of your website is a major disappointment for the visitors landing on your website. Most clicks on the slow website never get reported on Google, and hence the organic CTR stays untouched.

Hence, with a slow website, you cannot expect a high organic CTR at all. Making your website load faster is a must if you really wish to invite more clicks & traffic on your website, and hence more organic CTR for your website.

7) Use images: Images in your posts can amazingly increase engagement on your website, which implies a major boost in the organic CTR of your website.

The more effectively you use images on your website posts, the more the users will feel engaged. It will automatically increase the website traffic and organic CTR of your website considerably.

Visual marketing has been one of the most effective ways of increasing the website’s organic CTR and is the most used one too. If you aren’t yet using it effectively, now is the time to tweak your approach a bit.

8) Use PPC ads: Using PPC ads is one of the most efficient, and sadly the most underrated way to improve the organic CTR of a website.

To use this method, you need to identify the keyword having less CTR, rank high for you, and run the paid ad for the same.

This is how PPC ads can help you out to boost the organic CTR of your website and hence make it easy for Google to rank your website for a specific keyword.

You might now be clear with some of the best ways to improve the organic CTR of your website. As mentioned, organic CTR is an important thing for your website, and nailing the above-listed tips will make it easy for you to improve it considerably.

If you desire to know more or if you are looking for a reliable companion to get your organic CTR, website traffic, and even your conversions boosted, you can count on Pat’s Marketing, a high-rated SEO agency in Toronto. To connect with our experienced team and take your online presence to the next level, connect with us at 888-488-7287 (toll-free).