Top 8 tips to boost YouTube SEO

Top 8 tips to boost YouTube SEO

8 tips to boost YouTube SEO
YouTube stands firm as the second-largest search engine in the world, just after Google. Gone are the days when it was used just to enjoy some entertaining videos and take a chill pill. Today, it has earned immense popularity in terms of helping businesses to thrive. If you are using YouTube videos to promote your business, you definitely want to rank them. Then the question arises, how?

You might be delighted to know that Google and YouTube follow similar fundamentals when it comes to SEO. You can effectively combine your SEO and Video strategy to get your YouTube videos at the top and thus achieve overall success for your business.

In this article, we list some of the best tips to boost your YouTube SEO and thus increase your overall reach.

Tips to boost YouTube SEO

We list certain tips to boost YouTube SEO below. Check them out.

1. Choosing & Using Keywords: Choosing keywords is one of the most important and the most critical parts of YouTube SEO. Finding keywords with low competition, and high search volume is equally important as in Google SEO. The better you are with the keyword selection, the more the chances of your YouTube videos doing wonders for your business.

Remember, your keywords should appear in metadata, captions, audio, and video file name. You can also effectively analyze your competitors to ensure that the keywords you are using are up to the mark and catering to your requirements. However, the keyword research techniques & tools for YouTube more or less remain the same as that for Google.

2. YouTube Video Description Matters: YouTube Video Description is a vital ranking factor. Always prefer using keywords at least a couple of times in your video description. Try starting the description with the keywords. Also, be careful about the length of the video description; it shouldn’t be greater than 200 words. The description you write has to be crisp, solid, and concise.

3. Naming the Video File: Along with Video Description, video file name also plays an important role in ranking your videos. We highly recommend keeping the keyword as your video file name. Naming the video file by the keyword gives the search engine an idea about the relevance of the same which increases the chances of it getting ranked higher.

4. Adding Subtitles & Closed Captions Helps: Subtitles imply creating your video dialogues in a readable form. While Closed Captions help the user to understand the video who isn’t able to understand your video language. Adding subtitles & CC is a major boost to your YouTube SEO as it increases the user experience to a considerable extent.

YouTube algorithm will love you if you provide a better user experience to your viewers. And subtitles & closed captions exactly do that. Don’t miss out on them at all.

5. Use Thumbnails Efficiently: Just think, what invites you the most when you check out a YouTube video? Most probably, thumbnail. An inviting, inquisitive, and wonderful thumbnail is enough to allow the visitors to click your video and check it out. The more attractive your thumbnails are, the more are the chances of your video receiving a large number of views and thus achieving success for you.

There is a major class of people who neglect thumbnails and use something which isn’t pleading at all. Investing time & creativity in creating an inviting thumbnail is absolutely worth it as the results it delivers exactly match the results that we want.

6. Video Length Matters: Many creators believe that short videos are more effective as compared to long videos. But YouTube algorithm love long videos. And, it’s always recommended to do what YouTube loves. You will always find a place in the viewer’s heart if the content quality you deliver is up to the mark. Thus, always create videos that are long, value-provider, and of course, clear.

7. Don’t Disclose Everything at Beginning: When it comes to YouTube, watch-time is an extremely important factor to get your video ranked. There won’t be any considerable rise in watch-time if you disclose every suspense at the beginning itself. However, it by no means implies beating around the bush. It will make viewers go directly to the end or leave your video in frustration.

So, deliver the quality from the very beginning of the video and keep the flavour of suspense till the end. It will also demand some creativity from your side. And to get some great results YouTube delivers, investing some creativity is absolutely worth it.

8. Use Hashtags Effectively: Hashtags are the most effective form of increasing your reach across all social media platforms. Try using the relevant hashtags in your video description to ensure that your video reaches the people who search for anything related to the same. Using hashtags effectively will elevate the chances of your success to a considerable extent.

Thinking to create a YouTube channel? Great! But to get your YouTube videos ranked, it’s important that SEO is up to the mark. And the above tips will surely help you to ensure that your videos get ranked and your business receives extracts the expected results.

However, in this fast-trending era, nailing SEO is a daunting task. You might require a reliable companion to ensure that you don’t go wrong. This is where Pat’s Marketing, a top-notch SEO Agency in Toronto is your answer. Do reach out to our team by calling us at 888-488-7287 (toll-free).