Technical SEO Matters for getting effective SEO Results!

Technical SEO refers to any kind of SEO work that is performed aside from the content. In other words, it puts down a strong foundation to offer your content the best opportunity to rank for relevant phrases and keywords. Technical SEO therefore refers to website and server optimizations that make it easy for search engine spiders to crawl and index your site in a manner that maximizes rankings.

Here are some of the major technical elements that are taken care of by the SEO team at Pat’s Marketing, a highly sought-after SEO company in Toronto.

1. Outdated Website technology check

The very first step of technical SEO is to find out whether the site software & technology is secure, not outdated and one google can index. For e.g. if your site uses flash or uses a poorly coded theme which is vulnerable to malware attack, it needs to be fixed first.

2. Mobile Responsive Website

Technical SEO
Mobile responsive website is the need of the hour as most traffic to your site is from mobile phones & tablets. Mobile responsiveness is a critical ranking factor for Google. So if your website isn’t mobile responsive, it’s high time you must consider a website upgrade.

3. Faster Loading Website

Being a dependable SEO consultant in Toronto, we see to it that your website speed is significantly enhanced. To optimize your website load speeds, we use Cloudflare caching, fast hosting, caching plugins, image optimization & more. Reducing your page size & scripts will make your site load faster & create a better user experience.

4. XML sitemap

XML sitemap refers to a file that assists search engines to understand your website while crawling it. It also offers a detailed idea about what priority it has on your website when a webpage was last modified as well as how frequently it is updated. Our SEO experts in Toronto will take care of your XML sitemap.

5. Secure Sockets Layer or SSL

Secure Socket Layer is a security technology. It creates an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. A site that possesses SSL has a URL that begins with ‘https://’ instead of ‘http://’. These websites are given greater preference over non-secure ones so it is imperative to make your site secure. When you host your website with us, we provide you with a Free SSL certificate.

6. Repair duplicate content problems

Duplicate content can be puzzling for users. It can also be used to win more traffic or manipulate search rankings. As a result of this, search engines are not enthusiastic about it. At Pat’s Marketing, our Technical SEO experts in Toronto can fix duplicate issues by utilizing the canonical link element so that search engines know where the ‘main’ version of your content resides. Alternatively, we can also prevent your CMS from publishing multiple versions of a page or post.

7. Structured data markup

This is a code that we add to your website so that search engines better understand your site semantics. This data can help search engines index & categorize your site in a more efficient manner.

Besides, our Tech SEO professionals in Toronto will also register your site with Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools to take your technical SEO to an all-new level. So, for the best guidance on how to make the tech aspects of your website SEO-friendly, get in touch with Pat’s Marketing. As a leading SEO consultant in Toronto, Pat’s Marketing is well-versed in all technicalities that go into ensuring result-oriented SEO for local businesses.

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