Effective Content Writing Services – The Backbone of SEO!

At Pat’s Marketing, our content writer team is highly-trained to come up with new, high-quality content and a good content marketing strategy that works to enhance your website traffic and revenue. Our content team works in tandem with our SEO consultants in Toronto so they have a list of the most searched for keywords to use in their content. The content is tailored to the searches being made so it’s useful to the prospect & it gains more engagement & popularity.

Here are a few points that are content writing team takes care of to draw your target audience in.

1. Content Research

Our content team conducts adequate research and gains sufficient subject knowledge to start with. They will also take care to make the article interesting so that it resonates with the target audience. They weave keywords in the content in such a way that it does not disturb the reader while at the same time help the content to be on top of search engine rankings.

2. Easy to read contentContent-Marketing

Having a clear sentence that conveys a single idea is much more effective rather than attempting to sound smart and confusing readers. The trick lies in conveying the information in a simple way. Remember, your readers do not want to comprehend how well you can write, they just want to understand the idea. Our content team at Pat’s Marketing shows you the nuances in which this can be performed.

3. Unique high-quality content

Even if they like the way someone worded their blog or post, copying the same style is a strict no-no for our content writing team. They are talented enough to write in own voice and work towards bettering it. They are well-aware that to rank high in a search engine, content needs to have an individual style that is tailor-made to suit your brand or personality. The trick lies in moving from imitation, mastery and finally innovation. Our content team is fairly smart to do this with élan.

4. SEO Aspects

There are few SEO guidelines that are important while coming up with content. For e.g. our writers ensure the keywords are present in the topic title & sub-headings. This is crucial for SEO. Also each content piece should target no more than 2-3 keywords. The main keyword should also appear as close to the start as possible. The content length should be at least 400 words or more.

5. Article tone should align with your target audience

The tone of a post puts strength to a content. It can range from informal, formal, solemn, intimate, playful and ironic. At Pat’s Marketing, our content team has a clear understanding of the importance of voice and tone when writing. They know that the overall tone or attitude of a piece of writing should be appropriate to the audience and purpose of what you are writing for. This helps to give you an edge over your competition. These small but significant elements add the right kind of favor and nuance to your writing.

Other than this, our content team also pays attention to sentence length and structure and trim unnecessary words that only add to the length of the sentence. They will find a unique angle to cover your topic and see that they make the first sentence the best one.

These are some cues to shows that Pat’s Marketing SEO consultants in Toronto have a robust content team that has a fairly good idea of how they can use content writing to your maximum advantage. Contact us today for effective and world-class web content, blogs and SEO articles that allow you to meet your business goals and objectives.

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