Top Google algorithms you need to know to plan your Digital Marketing campaign in 2022

Top Google algorithms you need to know to plan your Digital Marketing campaign in 2022

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It’s difficult to count the number of Google algorithm updates every year. Of course, with a sample size that Google comes alongside it, the number of updates is justified.

Let’s discuss 2022 here. Most Digital Marketers are busy planning their campaigns for this year. However, knowing the important Google algorithm updates is a must to ensure that the campaign planning goes right.

This blog gives you a clear idea about the important Google algorithm updates you need to know for planning your Digital marketing strategy in 2022.

5 important Google algorithm updates for your Digital Marketing campaign in 2022

1) Link spam update: Well, this update was the much-needed one! It was July 2021 that Google announced that it would be taking some stringent measures against the website owners trying to spam backlinks.

Google emphasized following the legal practices for generating backlinks and ensuring that people actually get some value from them.

Sites taking part in the spam would notice changes in the search as the Google algorithm will be reassessing these links and taking appropriate actions. Hence, if you are planning your strategy for 2022, throw the idea of spamming away right now.

The link spam update focuses on everything. Be it paid links, affiliate links, or even unethical guest posting, nothing would go unnoticed.

2) Page experience update: This was one of the biggest updates of the year 2021, if not the biggest. Google page experience update was meant to boost the user experience on websites.

Google page experience update takes several factors into consideration. Some of them include mobile-friendliness, core vitals, website security, and much more.

Google page experience update is all set to increase the user experience and hence rank only those websites that are actually providing the users with a smooth experience.

How do you ensure that your website satisfies the page experience update entirely? Ensure that the website takes less time to load (ideally less than 3 seconds), make it mobile-friendly, your website is secure, provides great visual stability, and most importantly, make it easily accessible.

3) Mobile-first indexing update: It has been a while since Google has started giving a preference to websites that are mobile-friendly.

Mobile-first indexing update of Google meant that when Google would crawl, it would rank your website according to mobile-friendliness.

Hence, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, the chances of your website getting ranked are rare, and Google validates it.

Hence, to ensure that your Digital Marketing journey is smooth in 2022, ensure that your website satisfies the mobile-first indexing update.

How do you satisfy this update? Firstly, be aware of the things that you are blocking. Blocking any important resource might not allow Google to crawl your website page. Additionally, follow the best practices for lazy loading of images and videos. It would increase the user experience, specifically for mobile users considerably.

Lastly, be right with the robots meta tags. Remember, the robots meta tags have to be the same for both, desktop and mobile phone. Having different robots meta tag might not allow Google to follow certain links on your page, which is a major disadvantage.

4) Product review update: Product review content is one of the best content forms. After all, it provides an in-depth analysis of the product and gives us clarity on the product quality.

The primary goal of the product review update was to encourage this content form and appreciate the amazing job it is doing.

Google has also recommended certain things one must incorporate while writing product reviews. They include sharing expert knowledge, comparing it to the other models, sharing unique content, and helping consumers while making decisions.

To summarize, our SEO consultants in Toronto encourage you to write a detailed review, incorporate everything, deliver some value to your users, and not leave any base untouched.

Hence, if you are going to write product reviews, keep this update in your mind and ensure that you nail your part.

5) MUM update: The role of AI in the latest Google algorithm update is increasing on an exponential basis. Multitask Unified Model (MUM) update is a major example of the same.

The primary role of the MUM update is to answer complex questions in a simple way. It would be supporting multiple languages, which would make it easy for the users to get answers.

Hence, ensure that the content on your website answers almost every probable question that a user might ask. Yes, it’s tough, but brainstorm a bit and be a bit creative with your content.

MUM update is introduced to eliminate the language barriers, and your website needs to do it too. Be specific with your content, make your website support international languages, and be relevant.

Nailing the MUM update is going to be a bit tough, but with the quality of results that it is expected to deliver, investing some efforts to do it is absolutely worth it.

These are some of the top Google algorithms that you must know to plan your Digital Marketing campaign efficiently in the year 2022.

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