Top 10 WordPress themes for SEO in 2021 & how to pick one?

Top 10 WordPress themes for SEO in 2021 & how to pick one?

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For a business to thrive, an attractive and fast website is a necessity. And if you are using WordPress to design your website, you get the luxury of selecting the best from a wide range of theme options available. You can go through them and select the one which matches your business type and defines the same in the best possible way.

While choosing a WordPress theme, it is necessary to keep certain factors in your mind. A wrong theme is sufficient to turn your project into a mess. No matter, how strong your content is, or how good SEO tactics you follow, if your WordPress theme is not inviting or is poorly picked, your path to success is tough.

Top 10 WordPress themes for SEO in 2021

Here, we present a list of the top 10 WordPress themes in 2021 which can boost your SEO and invite a large amount of traffic to your website. Have a read and decide which theme will make your website eye-catchy and the one exactly defining your business.

1. Astra: Astra is easily one of the best SEO-friendly WordPress themes available to website designers. The theme comes in both, free & premium versions. The theme comes with a lightweight experience which makes the theme load amazingly faster.

The theme is best suited for beginners as the numerous customization options are available within the customizer itself. At the same time, the layout of the theme is easy to understand which makes the same extremely user-friendly.

Some other features such as a dedicated sidebar, built-n schema-markup, mobile headers, WooCommerce ready, fluid layout, etc. makes the theme extremely inviting and the best option for the website designer to go with.

As mentioned above, there are both free & premium versions available for use. The free version comes with a basic theme and for a major class of designers, the free version suffices. While, if you want some advanced settings from the theme, you might have to go with the Premium versions.

2. OceanWP: Another near to perfect lightweight theme for your project, OceanWP eliminates your worries about the site loading speed to a great extent. The theme comes with a very fast loading time, SEO-friendly factors, and a very unique set of WooCommerce features which boost the conversion rate for a business owner.

If you are looking for a multipurpose theme, OceanWP is your answer. The responsive layout, compatibility with any screen size, and availability of built-in schema SEO-friendly theme are some of the most unique features of the OceanWP theme

3. Divi: If you are looking for a theme that makes your website design faster, and a piece of cake, look no further than Divi. Divi is the best premium theme available among all the WordPress theme options.

Divi comes with a mountain of flexibility and built-in SEO options alongside it. These options allow you a way to design a SEO-friendly website. The mobile friendliness of this theme is another factor that interests numerous website designers.

Divi doesn’t come with built-in breadcrumbs. But you can easily find the add-ons and install them to use. The hover options available in Divi makes it fun for website designers to design their website and ensure an inviting website design.

There is no free version of the Divi WordPress theme available. But the features and benefits this theme comes with are worth investing in for every website designer.

4. Sydney: If you are a freelancer, a full-time website designer, or a content writer, you might want to show your work in a very attractive and eye-catchy way. Now, this is where the Sydney WordPress theme comes into action.

Sydney WordPress theme comes with a very attractive website design that can invite the attention of the user for a good time. More than 600 Google fonts options available, full-screen slider, layout control, logo upload, etc. are some of the best features available in the Sydney WordPress theme. Sydney has both, free and premium versions available. You can select any of them as per your requirements.

5. Inspiro: This theme mainly focuses on the website based on photos and videos. Inspiro supports several video applications like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. in the background. Inspiro can be a great option if you desire to showcase your portfolio along with images & videos.

Inspiro comes with some great options like theme options panel, gallery module, responsive layout, WooCommerce build-up, etc.

6. Business Pro: Business Pro comes with several SEO features which makes the theme ideal for every website. The website theme is designed on the Genesis framework and is accompanied by a simple interface and a large amount of flexibility for the users.

The Business Pro WordPress theme incorporates some of the best WordPress functionalities like a custom logo, custom header images & videos, etc. Business Pro WordPress theme also comes with a responsive layout which makes it suitable for every screen size.

The team makes the Genesis Testimonial Plugin available which allows the user to place testimonials and earn the trust of the customers.

7. Zakra: Zakra is developed to support the largest search engine & it is extremely SEO friendly. You can have a look at 50 or more demos of the theme which covers various scenarios and use the same according to your requirements.

Its lightweight interface makes the website loading quick and inviting. As all the SEO plugins are supported in this theme, you can stay ensured of your website being ranked higher too. Zakra also incorporates WooCommerce integration. You can use both, free and premium versions of the theme. Within the premium version, there are four more options available. If you like the functionality of the theme, you can carefully go through the features these options make you available and decide the same accordingly.

8. Neve: The mobile friendliness of this theme makes it a popular option among website designers. The lightweight of the website theme (28 KB) makes it incredibly faster and swifter when it comes to website loading. And Google simply loves the website which loads within a few milliseconds.

Neve offers you a very flexible and simple Uway to customize the website. You can use the drag and drop method to customize the header and footer. The theme offers you more than 80 options of readymade sites you can import and use. For this them too, you can use any of both, free and premium versions as per your requirements.

9. Ultra: Ultra provides the users numerous layout options. They can download any of them and customize the same. There is 60+ pre-designed layouts available which work as a time-saver for numerous website designers.

As a website designer, Ultra gives you full control of your website design, from header to footer. You are provided with several header design options, sidebars, templates, etc. Mega Menu is a special feature the Ultra theme comes with. Mega Menu gives you an option of displaying the recent posts, add multi-column drop-down menus, and even add widgets to the menu.

10. Spencer: This theme is primarily focused on entrepreneurs and digital marketing agencies who wish to showcase the work they have done. Here, you get numerous font options, WooCommerce integration, responsive layout, multilingual support, etc.

Spencer theme is compatible with almost all SEO Plugins which makes it an SEO-friendly theme option.

We hope we can help you in figuring out the looks of your website. It is necessary to choose a theme that makes the website load faster. However, along with the theme, there are several other factors you need to consider to make your website load faster. If you are looking for the most reliable source to design your website, and to rank the same on Google, Pat’s Marketing, top-rated web designer in Toronto, is your destination. We are not just web designers but also SEO Experts. All our designs are creatively crafted keeping SEO in mind.