10 Google tools to boost your SEO strategy

10 Google tools to boost your SEO strategy

Google tools to boost your SEO strategy
The Google tools you use for SEO play a major role in terms of deciding your success in terms of ensuring a top-notch SEO. But, with such a large number of Google tools available, you might get overwhelmed and may end up choosing the tool which might create a negative impact on your SEO rankings. Specifically, if you are low on budget, you need to be extra meticulous when we talk about deciding the correct tools for SEO.

You are about to know the best SEO tools that might help your SEO tactics to a good extent. And, all these tools are offered by Google for free. So, just hang around a bit, read out this article as it has plenty of things to offer.

Top Google tools to boost your SEO Strategy

We list the top tools to boost your SEO strategy below. Check them out.

1. Google My Business: If you are a business owner, you cannot ignore Local SEO by any means. Neglecting Local SEO simply means your loss. Strategizing it and executing the same with perfection becomes a mandatory thing to ensure success in SEO. And Google My Business might help you to do so.

So, what does Google My Business mean? It is a simple search tool that allows you to represent your business in a bit more detail to the customers. In simple words, when you search for a p lace on Google, and the information that you see; things like working hours, reviews, etc. are incorporated in Google My Business.

Clearly, it gives the potential customers a major clarity about your business. The road to success with Google My Business is a bit slow, but the results are long-term.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights: The importance of a fast website is huge. The faster your website is, the less is the bounce rate which ensures a better position for your website. The fast website gives the user a better page experience which Google wants. The latest page experience update clearly states the same. But how do you know if your website’s speed is high enough to make your users stay on your website?

Google PageSpeed Insights tool has your answer. Use this tool to check the website loading speed. This tool provides you an option to check the website loading speed for both, mobile phones, and desktops. Also, you are provided some valuable suggestions by Google itself to improve your website speed if it’s not up to the mark. And, who would want to miss out on the suggestions that the mighty Google offers? Know more about increasing the website speed here.

3. Google Trends: Confused about what blog topic should you work on? You might want to go with the latest trends getting some heat all over the world, but how do you know them? Yes, Twitter is a great help, but Google Trends has slightly more to offer.

Google Trends allows you to search for specific keywords. Thus, if you specialize in a specific niche, you can search for a specific keyword incorporated in your niche and get a piece of information about the trends.

4. Google Search Console: This tool stands as one of the best free tools in terms of analyzing your website in several aspects. Google Search Console gives you a piece of detailed information on things like indexing, mobile usability, etc.

The detailed analysis of the issues persisting on your website gives you a chance to rectify them & overcome them efficiently. Google Search Console might not help you with SEO directly, but it definitely gives you a detailed eye on various issues on your website that directly impact the website SEO.

5. Google Correlate: Long-tail keywords come with huge importance alongside them. However, figuring them out is a daunting task. There’s where google correlate comes into the picture. This tool not only gives you clarity about your primary keyword but also gives you an idea about the words closely associated with your primary keyword.

Google Correlate simply shows you various keyword options you can use to make your blog SEO-friendly. Then it’s your job to figure out the best keywords out of them and use the same in your blogs.

6. Google Alerts: Google Alerts allow you to stay updated with your top competitors. Whenever your competitors will receive a mention by any blog or publication, you will be receiving a notification. Then, you can pitch them, give them clarity on the value you offer to them, and try a collaboration with them.

Sadly, most website owners aren’t yet aware of the value that Google Alerts offer and thus most of them don’t use the same. So, don’t miss out on the value it offers and consider giving it a try.

7. Google Analytics: A solid SEO strategy is great, but not knowing your website visitors. This is where Google Analytics might help you. Google Analytics tracks every information about the visitors and traffic on your website. Thus, it helps you fine tune your SEO strategy to provide a better user experience.

8. YouTube: Yes, YouTube is not only for enjoying videos. You might have seen various YouTube recommendations when you search for something on Google. Thus, YouTube videos do rank on the SERPs too. Thus, along with a website, you can also create YouTube videos to boost your visibility.

The major benefit of YouTube videos is that you don’t need to match the exact keywords. Even if your website is somewhere close to the searched phrase, it is likely that your video will appear on the SERP results. It makes creating the YouTube videos absolutely worth it.

9. Google Mobile-Friendly Test: Most of the searchers and your website traffic comes from mobile devices. These pocket-friendly devices have surpassed desktop searches a long back. And things aren’t supposed to change until and unless something bizarre happens. Thus, it becomes important that your website comes with the friendliness of all classes of devices i.e., mobile, desktop, and tablet. Even Google loves mobile-friendly websites.

Google Mobile-Friendly test gives you a report on the mobile-friendliness of your website within a few seconds. You just need to submit your URL and the result about the mobile-friendliness of your website will be displayed on your screen.

You would just be shown if your website is mobile-friendly or not. If it shows “The website isn’t mobile-friendly”, waste no time before analyzing the loopholes and overcoming them. The sooner the actions, the better are the results.

10. Google Ads Keyword Planner: Google Ads Keyword Planner is designed for PPC, but it’s a great tool to extract keyword information & search volume. This tool also helps you to devise an efficient content strategy to get more traffic from the relevant kewyords. Also, you can figure-out which keywords you need to focus on and which keywords you can skip.

These are some cool Google tools you can efficiently use to boost your SEO strategy and improve the overall SEO of your website. All of these tools are provided by Google which gives you a reason to trust the authenticity and the accuracy these tools deliver.

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