How do you identify content gaps and fix them?

How do you identify content gaps and fix them?

Identify Content Gaps and Fix Them - SEO company Toronto

Of course, content does matter! Great quality of content on your website implies more traffic, and eventually, more sales. But what if there are content gaps on your website?

Hired the best content writers in the market? Are you sure that your content can’t go wrong by any means? Well, you must know that even if a content writer or say content creator is extremely skilled, the chances of the content gap are always there. No, the content writer isn’t at the fault here. It’s just that sometimes the creativity of the content writer doesn’t cater to the requirements of the audience.

What is a content gap?

Firstly, let’s understand what does a content gap mean? Content gap implies the topics that your audience is looking for but aren’t covered on your website.

So, are content gaps an issue that you need to stay scared about? A bit. Are content gaps common? Yes. Can you solve content gaps on your website? Yes, with the utmost ease.

What makes content gaps dangerous for your website?

Now, when you know the exact definition of the content gap, let’s understand what are the factors that make it dangerous.

1) Degradation in SEO: This is one of the biggest threats of content gaps on your website. Content gaps degrade the overall SEO of your website, which ultimately results in degradation in your website rankings and traffic.

2) Works a major turn-off point for the target audience: What’s the ultimate goal of your website? To capture the attention of your target audience, isn’t it? Your entire hard work would go in vain if you aren’t able to make the target audience stay on your website.

3) Reducing the conversion rate: It’s an obvious thing that as users will find the navigation tough on your website, it would turn them off, and the bounce rate of your website will increase considerably. As the bounce rate would increase, the conversion rate would decrease, which will cause a major impact in terms of achieving your business goals.

4) Degrading your business authenticity: Imagine your business promising certain things, but not being able to deliver them! Won’t it degrade your authenticity? The same goes for your online presence. When your website promises to deliver certain things but doesn’t, it directly or indirectly degrades your business authenticity, which is a mighty blow to your business.

Our SEO company in Toronto feels that this is one of the biggest dangers of content gaps. Once your business reputation gets a hit, restoring it all again is quite difficult.

Recognizing the content gaps and fixing them

Now, when you know the meaning and dangers of content gaps, let’s figure out the ways to recognize them.

1) Using tools to analyze and figure out the content gaps: In this technologically advanced world, doing things manually can sometimes be a waste of time. Hence, using available tools is the best option here.

There is a large number of tools that you can effectively use to figure out that your website isn’t delivering what does your audience wants.

Be it keyword gaps or topic gaps, the right tools can help you figure out the content gap efficiently on your website. You can effectively use some tools like Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, etc. to figure out the content gaps on your website and resolve them before things go worse.

2) Research your competitors well: When people are getting an edge over you, the best you can do is analyze their success, and figure out where do you lack. Then, see how and where you can improve, craft a strategy, and nail its execution.

Researching your competitors might not sound too tempting to you, but when you are lacking somewhere, you need to stay prepared to give yourself some tough time, specifically, in this highly competitive world.

Hence, just checkout some major aspects where your competitors are winning the race, figure out some points where you can improve your content, and subside the content gaps on your website considerably. You might not feel it but researching your competitors will really do trick for you.

Don’t mess up the research though. Researching your competitors by no means implies that you are required to copy them. You need to be a bit creative, identify the points where you can improve, and ensure that you cover every base. You need to know that it’s not a necessity that the aspects where your competitor is leading the race might be relevant or say fruitful to you too. Hence, be extremely careful with researching your competitors.

3) Interact with the target audience: A traditional method in this digital world! But, trust us, it still remains one of the most effective ways to ensure that the content you deliver on your website caters to your audience’s requirements perfectly.

After all, it’s your target audience for whom you are writing content on your website. What better than knowing their requirements from themselves? The more you interact with your target audience, the easier it will be for you to plan and create content that caters to your audience’s requirements with the utmost perfection.

What do you ask your target audience? Their pain points, what are the things they are expecting in your business domain, what are things they desire to change, etc. You can carry out a survey or give your marketing team some exercise to do so.

Sadly, numerous content marketers neglect to interact with the target audience, which ultimately brings negative consequences alongside it. Hence, ensure that you don’t miss out on interacting with your target audience at all.

4) Using Google Search Console effectively: Google Search Console is another effective tool that you can use to identify content gaps on your website and fix them. How? Well, Google Search Console can help you out with figuring out the keywords that you must cover on your website, but you aren’t.

Just search the keywords of your niche, see what keywords you are ranking for, and check other keywords that have high impressions and clicks and aren’t covered on your website.

Plan a strategy to incorporate these keywords on your website, and increase the keyword range. The more the keyword range will, the fewer will be content gaps on your website.

5) Content audit: The content audit is another manual, yet reliable tactic to identify the content gaps on your website and fix them. Yes, you can use tools to do so, but at certain times, the things you can do manually cannot be performed by the tools.

You can just scan your website, checkout your competitors, and see where you lack. Trust us, performing a content audit by yourself is not as difficult as it seems. Just some time and effort in research, and you are good to go.

We hope that you are now clear with the content gaps, and some of the most reliable steps to fix them. Yes, content gaps are quite dangerous, but you keeping the above tips in your mind and nailing their execution can make things easy for you considerably.

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