Why to Hire a PPC Management Expert to manage your Google Ads Campaign?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, if executed well, can be much quicker in getting your leads & business. But quick doesn’t essentially translate to easy. When it comes to PPC, it is a big mistake to manage it by yourself esp. if you are doing this for the first time. There are numerous factors that you can easily get wrong in your PPC campaign and give you less or no results even after burning lot of marketing dollars. They say time is money, and when you hire a PPC expert to design and run your campaign, you not only save a lot of time but also get the most out of the money back (ROI) you spend on advertisements.

Let’s look at some areas where a PPC expert can rescue you.

Creating an Amazing Ad Copy

A short ad copy is all you have for winning attention, impressions, clicks and conversions. If you get it wrong, you lose out on all four. And many brave people trying to execute their own PPC projects, unfortunately, do get it wrong. The copy ought to have not just the right keywords but also the kind of words that lead users to click. Many a time people get one part right, i.e., create a copy that attracts viewer attention and clicks, but they fail to get any real conversions out of those clicks – a part of the reason is, a less-than-perfect ad copy, which commands clicks from users to whom your site is of little to no relevance. That’s why, your campaign needs an expert ad designer. At Pat’s Marketing, we are experts at making ads that get it all right. We understand what keywords to use in your copy, how long to make it and how to make it appeal to just the right audience.

Building a Landing Page that converts clicks to leads (or clients)


So you are smart and manage to generate huge amounts of traffic from your PPC ads, but what happens after that? A big chunk of them do not lead to conversions, if not bounce back as soon as they arrive at your landing page, which means you end up wasting a lot of money on ads that don’t create any value for you.

A fine landing page is a prerequisite to conversions and Pat’s Marketing accomplishes the feat for you. After designing the page, we also use tools like A/B Testing to check if the product is good enough for you.

Provide you with a realistic budget to spend

An experienced PPC management expert will analyse your market & target market and give you an indication of how much you should be looking to spend on Google Ads. Most often, not knowing how much to spend can either result in spending too less with no results or too much & lot of wastage.

Test Your Markets before Full Throttle

A Google Ads management guru will usually test your market first before asking you to spend more. This ensures you spend less on experimenting initially and test your markets before you hit it hard. When doing it yourself, you end up spending more and not knowing what’s working and what’s not.

Knowing Your Competitors’ PPC Campaigns

A PPC expert may know your competitors better than you do yourself. There is a good chance that they may have designed a campaign for a client from your line of work. They have the experience that makes them capable of putting you in a stronger position in your industry through PPC ads.

Keyword Research & Match Types

You can end up spending a lot without any return with the wrong choice of keywords & wrong match types. A PPC expert can research and find out the right keywords for your campaign and also choose the right match types (broad, exact, phrase, etc.)

Campaign Optimization

There are many campaign optimization techniques that a PPC management expert has access to. For e.g. Ad schedule, Ad Extensions, bidding method, etc. Depending on your business, a PPC expert will choose the right parameters for your campaign to make it more successful.

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