8 tips to manage a PPC campaign successfully

8 tips to manage a PPC campaign successfully

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a paid marketing method in which the website owners pay a bid amount for every click his website gets. This method is one of the quickest in terms of generating the results and inviting the traffic.

PPC advertising is purely about strategizing and executing. There are numerous things you need to analyze meticulously to ensure the success of your PPC campaign. However, once you figure out the necessities, the benefits of the PPC Campaign are unmatchable.

Unlike SEO (where results take a bit longer to reflect), PPC gives FAST results, but also demands careful and accurate planning. Even a tiny mistake in planning and executing might make your PPC Campaign a failure.

Here are some tips to manage your PPC campaign from Toronto PPC Consultant – Pat’s Marketing.

Tips to manage a PPC Campaign successfully

Have a look at the tips you can take the note of to ensure the success of your PPC campaign.

1. Efficient Keyword Research: The most important thing for the success of your PPC Campaign is efficient and meticulous keyword research.

Choose the keywords that are relevant and can help you drive the target action (lead, conversion, sale etc.)

Don’t hesitate to invest a healthy time in doing keyword research. If you are accurate with keyword research, the positive results in terms of your PPC Campaign are on the cards.

Read tips on Keyword Research techniques & tools to get some important tips you can implement to get the best results.

2. Set Goals: The success of a PPC campaign largely depends on the target you set for yourself. The executing strategy differs for every goal. You need to figure out whether your website is about conversion, or generating traffic, or just views on a specific video.

Be clear with your goals and plan your strategy accordingly. A PPC campaign can never succeed if you set unrealistic targets or execute a goal with a poor strategy. Also, ensure you have sufficient budget to cater to your goals.

3. Research Your Competitors: Another important tip to make your PPC campaign a success is to research your successful competitors thoroughly. Researching your competitors gives you a fair idea regarding the factors like the keyword research you just did is correct, along with planning out an outline for your PPC campaign. Also, researching your competitors gives you an idea on the direction you need to walk through to get the success & also helps you minimize click wastage.

You have to plan every step meticulously and execute the same with perfection. And, researching the competitors largely helps for the same.

4. Choosing Your Visitors: PPC gives you flexibility of choosing your audience who should be seeing your Ads. You can target Ads by user location, keyword, device (mobile/desktop), time of day etc. This flexibility of choosing your audience can be a boon if done accurately, and a bane if not.

5. Your Ad Copy: In simple words, the more inviting your ad copy is, the more are the chances of conversions. The importance of an Ad Copy cannot be stressed enough for a PPC campaign to be successful.

You need to understand the psychology of your target audience and craft your words such that it sends out the right message & makes the user click to your website. You have a limited word-count luxury available with Ad Copy.

Thus, it is your part to craft an eye-catchy, inviting, and crisp Ad Copy. Use your keywords effectively, make it valuable for the user to read, make it easy, and most importantly make it clear. Maintaining a very good Ad Strength (Google metric) will also help you get more clicks out of your budget.

6. Right Landing Pages: When you are running a PPC campaign, it is necessary to be direct. Ensure your Ads are pointed to a relevant page & not a generic landing page. The content you write must invite the user to move further and complete the task for which he has landed on your website.

Be it making him purchase something, or make him register for a course, or creating an account on any platform, your content and your landing page should be sufficient for him to make him believe that taking a step further is absolutely worth it.

When you are spending a generous amount for your PPC campaign, you definitely don’t want a user to turn-off from your website and visit someone else’s to continue their task.

7. Multiple Adgroups: Ever heard the phrase “Never lay all your eggs in one basket”? Well, if you are running a PPC campaign, you need to take this phrase seriously. Try to create separate Adgroups with different keywords so you can test out what is working & what’s not. It will also increase your reach and also boost the chances of your PPC campaign being a success.

Working on a single ad group will limit your campaign only to a specific keyword and a specific set of audience. With multiple ad groups, you can also play with diverse ads and figure out which ad works well for you.

8. Tracking & Optimization: After you initiate your PPC campaign, it is important for you to keep the track of your campaign metrics like your clicks, impressions, CTR, cost per conversion etc. Analyze the results at regular intervals & optimize your campaign based on the results.

Just keep these 8 tips in your mind before initiating a PPC campaign. It will surely help your PPC campaign to yield the desired results & thus make is a success.

If you don’t have the time to invest in running PPC Ads, reach out to our PPC management experts. Contact Pat’s Marketing, top-rated PPC Consultant in Toronto, at 888-488-7287 (toll free) to ensure your PPC campaign is successful.