5 Probable reasons that your SEO isn’t generating results

5 Probable reasons that your SEO isn’t generating results

Reasons Your SEO Isn't Generating Results - Toronto SEO Agency

A site ranking on the first page of Google is still a dream for countless site owners. There are billions of sites and amidst this stiff competition, showing up on the first page of this mighty search engine is a bit tough.

However, not so, if your SEO strategy is up to the mark and you execute the same with the utmost perfection.

You need to get it straight, if you aren’t ethical or creative enough with your SEO, no matter how much amount you invest, your site won’t be able to please Google.

Along with being ethical, you also need to be a bit creative with designing your SEO strategy. After all, there has to be a point where you stand out in the competition. Being creative, and covering the uncovered bases is the only way to do so.

However, at certain times it happens that no matter what, your SEO strategy doesn’t generate the results that you want. You keep on trying, yet they keep on disappointing you. The most frustrating part? You even don’t know the reason for it.

This blog by our Toronto SEO consultants lists some of the top probable reasons that your SEO strategy isn’t generating results for you. If you are one of those unfortunate site owners, readout this blog entirely.

What might be failing your SEO strategy?

So, what are the top causes that might be failing your SEO strategy? Well, answers lie below. Check them out.

1) Your content is a bit off: Remember, a solid SEO strategy and top-notch website content always go hand-in-hand. No matter how efficient your SEO strategy is if the content on your website doesn’t support it enough, it is bound to fail.

Gone are the days when Google used to be soft with websites with below-par content. In today’s time, Google is stringent with content, and rightly so. It only wants to deliver its users the best, and content is a crucial tool to do so.

Hence, even if after trying everything, if your SEO strategy continues to disappoint you, just take a step back, go to your website, and read the content. See if it is actually delivering the value that it should.

Additionally, verify that your content doesn’t break any SEO guidelines that might be forcing Google to overlook your website.

And, if you feel that content on your website is the culprit, change it immediately and try to add some more juice to it. Without high-quality content, your top-rated SEO strategy is bound to get nullified.

2) You are not able to persuade visitors to take action as you want: With SEO, the ultimate goal is to invite more visitors to a site and convert them.

Chances are there that your site might be witnessing high traffic, but you might be struggling with the conversions.

To overcome this, try adding a unique and inviting call-to-action to your website. A strong CTA is a must to yield the results that you want, and if your website doesn’t incorporate it, try adding it and see the results.

You can also use attractive visuals on your site to persuade visitors to take further action.

If you feel that the traffic on your website is okay, but the conversions are zero, check if you have really made any efforts to persuade your visitors to take further action.

3) You aren’t right with the keyword usage: If you are focusing on the wrong keywords, you are focusing on the wrong people. As simple as it is.

The efficient use of keywords is mandatory when it comes to getting your website ranked and making people believe that your website actually delivers some value.

You might have messed the keyword selection part. Remember, you need to select keywords with high search volume and low competition. Numerous Digital Marketers randomly select the focus keywords and when the desired results aren’t generated, they end up scratching their heads thinking about the reason for the same.

One fact about Digital Marketing is that you have to keep on experimenting with various things, yet you cannot be random at all. You have to be very specific with everything you do, and keyword research is a no different thing.

Additionally, the keyword stuffing concept might be troubling you. When you use more keywords than required, it not only degrades the readability of the users but also makes Google believe that you are spamming the keywords. If this happens, Google will take less than a minute to pull your website down.

Lastly, if you feel that you have done everything right, yet your SEO strategy has disappointed you, you might have messed up with keyword usage.

4) You still haven’t befriended Google My Business: If you still aren’t using the amazing potential that Google My Business comes alongside it, you only have yourself to blame.

Google My Business is one of the most reliable and easy ways that can give your website SEO a solid boost.

Even Google loves the website that is registered on Google My Business, as it makes Google believe that you are a genuine business that cares about customers and website rankings.

It hardly takes a couple of minutes to register your account on Google My Business, and this investment would do a big favour to your website rankings.

If your SEO strategy isn’t generating results, and if you aren’t using Google My Business yet, don’t wait for a moment before getting your business registered over there and using it.

5) You are being impatient: SEO is a long-term game. If you are playing it, you must know that it demands your patience, and most importantly your efforts.

If you aren’t seeing the results from SEO, chances are there that you aren’t giving your SEO strategy enough time to generate results.

Hence, if you are being impatient only after a few weeks of initiating your SEO strategy, just give yourself and your strategy some more time and then see the results.

With SEO, being ethical, creative, and patient is a key to success. If you lack any of these traits, achieving success might be a bit difficult for you.

However, with the combination of the above traits, and your hard work, of course, the results from SEO are guaranteed. And if nothing works for you even after working hard, just read the above potential reasons for the same.

Rest, if you are looking to get your website ranked without worrying about any of the above reasons for failure, you can count on Pats Marketing, a Toronto SEO agency to achieve the results for you.

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