10 Secrets of a Good Website Design

10 Secrets of a Good Website Design

secrets of a good website design
If you are a business owner and if you don’t have a good online presence yet, now is the time to think about it. Without a good online presence, the chances of you achieving success are quite low. And there’s nothing better than a good website when it comes to creating a strong online presence. Oops, not only a website, but a perfectly designed website is mandatory for a business to thrive.

While you might or might not be a digital marketing person, it becomes important for you to know that a website design has a lot to do with the website ranking factor. And needless to say, that the better your website rankings are, the more are the chances of you receiving inquiries and conversions.

If you are confused about how to create a perfectly designed website, you are about to find your answers. Just read this blog and ensure that the website you are about to design for your business is up to the mark and covering all the bases.

How do you create a website with good design?

Okay, so end the mystery here and let’s know what are the ingredients that a good website design demands.

1. Know the Innovation Limits: Whenever you create a website, innovation is an important thing. But over-innovation might hurt your website design. Usually, over-innovation make you include certain things which aren’t necessary at all in a website and thus hinders the website design. Thus, never try to be over-innovative with your website.

2. Back Website with Strong Content: Content is all that visitors look for on your website. Thus, ensure that your website incorporates good content and delivers some value to the visitors. Not only visitors, but even Google will also love your website if it delivers great quality content along with some value to the visitors. So, rule no 2, never compromise with the content on your website.

3. Know your Audience: Next thing, know what exactly your audience wants. The more you know your audience, the better you will be able to design your website. How do you know that? Conduct online surveys, check out social media, interact with people, and it will help you to figure out the things that what do people want in terms of the website design.

4. It’s Never About Spending More: Numerous newbies think that purchasing the premium version of everything available might make your website look beautiful. But you might be wrong here. Remember, when you design a website, it’s never about spending & purchasing every premium product you see. It’s always about staying in own limits and executing everything you planned with perfection. You can design a great website and that too without spending a single buck on the same. As mentioned, it’s purely about execution.

5. Optimize Website for All screens: It is mandatory for your website to stay compatible with every screen size. And it all depends on your optimization. The way you will optimize your website will decide the things like website loading speed, website mobile-friendliness, etc. Remember, good website design is not only about how it looks. It’s also about the experience that it offers to the visitors.

6. Don’t Keep Website Too Busy: Would you like to stay on a website whose unnecessary graphics or unnecessary titles give you an unpleasant vibe? No. Thus, don’t do it to your visitors too. Never overuse things on your website. Don’t hesitate to leave some space on your website where your visitors can breathe. Keeping your website too busy would simply confuse the users and eventually they will prefer to leave rather than scratching their heads regarding what should see or read.

However, this by no means implies staying limited with your content or graphics. You can efficiently place these things such that they don’t hinder the visitor’s visibility and also invites their attention. Again, it’s all about meticulous planning and perfect execution.

7. Test & Track: When it comes to website design, testing is the key to success. Test different fonts, various website themes, and see what fits your bill perfectly. The more tests you carry out, the more are your chances to achieve success. Thus, don’t hesitate to try on different things before figuring out what does your audience likes.

8. Loading Speed Matters: When it comes to visiting a website, everyone loves the website which is explicitly fast and doesn’t allow the users to wait for more than 3 seconds. Website loading speed is one of the most important parts of website design. Optimize your website such that it loads faster and doesn’t eat any time of the visitors. If your website loading speed isn’t up to the mark, waste no time before getting the issues fixed and thus increasing the website loading speed.

9. Always Deliver Value: The website which is delivering value to the visitors is already winning the website design race. Be it, giving a purchase option, or a register option, ensure that your website delivers value to the users.

10. Strong Call to Action (CTA): Last but not the least, always add a strong CTA. You want prospects to reach out to you with ease. And a CTA exactly does that. Mention your phone number, or your email address, or any other way by which the visitors can contact you for e.g., a consult or quote form. CTA is one of the most important ingredients of a great website design, and make sure that you don’t miss out on getting more leads from your website.

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