10 efficient Link Building Strategies

10 efficient Link Building Strategies

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Want to know one SEO factor which seems easy to execute but is extremely hard? It’s link building. Yes, you may feel that earning high-quality backlinks won’t bring any trouble for you. And it won’t. But only if you devise an efficient strategy and execute the same as exactly as planned. Without a concrete link-building strategy, ranking your website on the top of the Google Search Engine results is going to be a tough nut to crack.

Firstly, how is link building important for your website? The Link Building is accompanied by a very simple concept. When a website encourages its visitors to visit another website by providing a link to the same, Google tends to believe that the linked website is authentic and delivering some value. When search engine believes that your website is delivering value, the road to success for you & your website becomes easy. This is the reason for link building being one of the most important parts of an SEO strategy.

Firstly, for a successful backlink campaign, you need to earn backlinks naturally. Anything like spamming will only create a mess for your website. The more natural backlinks your website gets, the easier is the path to success for your online presence. Check your DA and ensure it is high. High DA will make inviting natural backlinks easy for you.

10 efficient strategies for Link Building

Have a look at the strategies you can execute to ensure that your link-building campaign is a success.

1. Quality Over Quantity: When you decide the sources of link building, keep in mind that quality is way more important as compared to quantity. Ensure, the link you get from are highly authorized sources. Even 10 backlinks from highly authoritative sources are better than 50 backlinks from less authoritative sources.

Agreed, it’s a bit difficult to invite backlinks from highly authoritative sources. But once you succeed in it, the results are long-term. Thus, the very first step in devising an efficient Link Building strategy is being firm with the “Quality over Quantity” concept.

Research some of the most authoritative websites and figure out the ways to invite the links from them. Be it Guest Posting, or link for link, or even pitching them via email marketing to convince them of the value your website delivers, research the ways through which you can invite them to give your website a backlink.

2. Guest Posting: Guest Posting is easily the most reliable and effective way of attracting some great quality backlinks. As much as guest posting is necessary, strategic guest posting is equally important.

Now, what is strategic guest posting? Being strategy purely implies being specific. You definitely don’t want to guest post for the sites which don’t help you to achieve your goal i.e., to drive more traffic. You need to devise an efficient strategy and filter out the sites which actually can help you to drive more traffic through your guest post.

Also, think about guest posting on the sites which are trusted by a major class of people. Your Guest Post on low-quality websites won’t help you by any means. Alongside it, ensure that the quality of your guest post is superior enough to make the users trust the backlink your website gets.

3. Social Media Posting: Social Media is now an integral part of our lives, isn’t it? Sadly, the impact of social media in terms of Digital Marketing is not being recognized by numerous businesses. If you are one of them, now is your time to wake up.

Get active on social media. Demonstrate your efforts, and the superior quality of values you are delivering via your business. Social Media is an effective tool to enhance your engagement. The URL of your website will be a thing that will be shared by your contact on their social media handles. The more your website URL gets shared, the more it boosts your link profile and thus enhancing your quality backlink numbers.

4. Strategizing Your Outreach: Firstly, what is outreach? Your interaction with other brands through tactics like email marketing is termed outreach. As a business owner or a website developer, you need to know that outreach is something that can make or break your online presence.

Executing it with a strategy can lift your online presence. It is important to be specific with your Outreach. Avoid beating around the bush and give your target a crisp reason to place your link on their website. Remember, they will be receiving a large number of emails every day. The onus is on you to ensure that you stand out of the crowd and force them to place your link on their website. Be specific, be direct, give them a solid reason to place your link, be clear, and you are good to go.

5. Broken Link Strategy: As a website developer, or as a business owner, you might not have enough time to write a guest post or even you might not have a large number of social media connections on whom you can rely on to share your blog posts. So, how do you move further? Broken Link Building can help you in this case.

Under this strategy, you can reach out to the web pages with dead links of your website niche and ask them to replace those links with your website URL as you are providing similar content with enhanced quality.

6. Analyze Competitors: Google keeps on updating algorithms on the regular basis. You can rely on the giants of your niche to stay updated with this algorithm. Try to analyze the sources from which they are getting links, the keyword for which they rank, and the strategy they are following.

By analyzing your competitors, you are giving your hard work a major boost of smart work. You will be getting an idea of the sources you can approach for placing your link. Also, you can get an idea of the sites for which you can guest post. This will save you a lot of time & effort.

7. Develop Trust: What better than earning natural backlinks by developing natural trust? How do you do that? Build your personal brand. Interact with people. Try & use a platform like LinkedIn effectively. When you start interacting with people, your business and your website will earn trust which will encourage people to promote it.

In this technological era, earning trust & growing still remains the most reliable way to develop in every aspect. We believe, creating a personal brand is the most reliable way to earn natural trust from the people. Once you start developing trust, you will start seeing the results instantly.

8. Blog Commenting: Many people tend to link blog commenting with spamming. But there is a wide range of a difference between commenting naturally and spamming the websites. When you insert your link on the relevant websites and on the relevant blogs with a genuine intention of helping people out, it is termed blog commenting. While when you comment on websites & blogs without checking the relevancy and with a pure intention of just getting backlinks, it is termed spamming.

While spamming can ruin your website, blog commenting can make you earn a valuable increase in the quality backlink numbers. Remember, Google considers spamming illegal, and not blog commenting. If you were in a dilemma of whether you can insert your website URL on relevant websites or not, now is the time to move further and continue with the same. You are not spamming any website, you are just helping out the users to get answers to their questions. Just ensure that the blog you are commenting in is relevant and the visitors actually need your website URL.

9. Learn To Give: Selfish people aren’t a fit for the blogging world. Actually, they aren’t a fit for any profession. Let’s talk in the lines of blogging. Don’t hesitate to give backlinks to other websites on your articles. When you give them links, your website would gain their attention.

This attention will increase the chances of your website getting backlinks from them to a great extent. Simple it is. The more you refer to other websites selflessly, the more other bloggers will want to build a network with you. An increase in the network will only bring positive outcomes for your online presence.

10.Make Your Content Your Base to Succeed: Your content is something that can convince the readers that your website actually delivers value. Try writing Evergreen Content on your website. It encourages website owners to give your website a backlink and deliver value to visitors.

No matter what is the SEO factor you are working on, your Content will be your saviour. Thus, ensure that you write high-quality content on your website which forces other website owners to promote your website.

Devising a Link Building strategy and then executing it with perfection is your solid step towards the success of your SEO. And success in SEO undoubtedly means the success of your online presence.

If you are still facing issues in link building or if you aren’t able to make your online presence a success, Pat’s Marketing, SEO Services in Toronto is eager to help you out. Reach out to us by using the contact number 888-488-7287 (toll-free). Buck up and do connect to boost your business in some of the most effective ways.