Why should you use PPC and SEO together?

Why should you use PPC and SEO together?

Using PPC and SEO together
Many people who haven’t dived deep into Digital Marketing often tend to believe that PPC & SEO can never go together. Agreed, these tactics are different, but they can be combined efficiently to extract the best possible results. SEO & PPC together have been delivering success for the website owners for a while now.

So, how do SEO and PPC when combined deliver the best results? You might not have thought of using them together, but after reading this blog, you might consider tweaking your strategies a bit and all for good.

Benefits of using PPC & SEO together

Check out the top benefits of using these two phenomenal tactics together below.

1. PPC helps in Keyword Research for SEO: There is a possibility that you feel that a keyword would work for you. Now incorporating that keyword directly into your SEO tactic is a bit risky. All your efforts and the time investment would go into vain if by any chance the keyword fails to rank. Thus, instead of diving straight into SEO, you can start with running a PPC campaign for that keyword.

If the PPC campaign achieves success for the keyword, you can incorporate the same into your SEO tactics and move further. It will ensure that you don’t end up wasting unnecessary time and energy on the keyword by any means.

2. Increased Search Engine Visibility: Improved search engine visibility is one of the most important benefits of using these two tactics together. SEO & PPC together has an efficiency to rank your website page multiple times on top and thus giving your website an elevated visibility and ultimately increase the chances of conversions.

As you already know, SEO will help you rank on maps & organically while PPC will help you rank your website at the very top of the page above the map & organic listings. Being at the top of the page, PPC Ads get maximum visibility, clicks or exposure. While organic & map listings reinforce your brand for those who prefer to scroll down and check more listings.

If you use these two tactics together efficiently, you get a better chance to improve the search engine visibility of your business. And as the search engine visibility improves, the chances of your website getting the attention of the visitors and even the clicks amplify drastically.

3. Recovering Missed Clicks: It’s awesome if your website ranks on the top of search engines using SEO. And you might feel that you don’t need PPC at all. However, it is a proven fact that deactivating PPC ads or not using them at all imparts a negative impact on your website traffic and thus website clicks. Thus, if you aren’t using PPC, you are leaving an important base uncovered.

Combining PPC with SEO ensures a stable increase in traffic and at the same time a constant increase in website traffic. Thus, you can recover clicks and traffic to a considerable extent by using these two tactics together.

4. Provides You More Information: SEO and PPC together provide you a large amount of information which gives you a major benefit in terms of decision making. You can analyze every metric with respect to both, PPC & SEO to decide what works the best for you. Also, you get an idea about the keywords extracting the best results for you and the keywords on which you need to focus a bit more.

Instead of getting information only from SEO or only from PPC, you can get information from both, PPC and SEO and use the same efficiently.

5. Aids in Strategizing Content: This is another major benefit of combining these tactics. By figuring out which PPC ad copy delivers you the best results, you can write and strategize the things like meta description, title tags, etc. And it’s needless to say that things like meta description, title tags, etc. are major parts of an SEO strategy.

6. Guaranteed Success: PPC delivers quick short-term results, while SEO delivers more consistent long-term results. And when these tactics are combined, success is a sure shot possibility.

7. Keeping Your Budget in Check: PPC makes you invest a good amount of your dollars. On the other end, SEO doesn’t demand a major investment like PPC. Thus, if you decide to use these tactics together, you can spend more at start and subside the investment amount in PPC when SEO kicks in and thus keeping your budget in check.

SEO & PPC strategies are best utilized when combined. Using these tactics efficiently will take you a step nearer to success. Thus, if you are looking to create a strong online presence for your business, don’t miss out on using these two fantastic strategies together.

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