Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Impact of Voice Search on SEO

Impact of Voice Search on SEO
Type no more! From all the algorithms that Google has rolled recently, this update is considered to be the best and the one with the maximum user-friendliness. The exponential rise in smartphone users all over the world, and the desire of Google to provide the users with something new every now & then have made them roll out the voice search feature.

What the Voice Search Update is?

Firstly, what the voice search update is? This update allows the users to search their queries by speaking rather than typing. Regardless of the device you are using, you will be allowed to search your query through your voice and Google will be providing the most accurate results for the same.

The sole purpose behind the launch of the voice search update is to simplify the user’s surfing life to a considerable extent. Gone are the days when you were required to type to get your answers. Now, just speak a set of words and your results will be displayed within a few seconds. Phew, that’s awesome, isn’t it?

How did Voice Search Impact SEO?

So, how will voice search impact SEO on an overall basis? It is a no-brainer that voice search will elevate the user experience to a great extent. In 2020, almost half of the online searches were made by using the voice search feature.

As the voice search feature offers a considerable amount of user-friendliness, the search engine puts much emphasis on this feature. And when search engine gives importance to the voice search feature, you have to ensure that you incorporate the same to improve the SEO of your website.

You need to keep in mind that the way people speak is entirely different from the way they search. It is necessary to understand that people prefer asking questions when they are speaking, unlike typing. Thus, if you wish to make your website voice-search friendly, it is necessary that you cover all the bases.

You might be knowing that Google already has achieved 95% accuracy in terms of voice recognition, and they are believed to roll out some exciting features soon. And, it’s not only Google who is working on this feature, various other giant companies (search engines of various countries) are working on implementing voice recognition with perfection. Thus, to make your website rank in those countries, your website needs to cope up with the voice search efficiently.

Now, if you are wondering that traditional SEO tactics would work here, then you are in a delusion. The voice search is entirely different from the traditional SEO tactic. To ensure that your website satisfies this update, you have to alter your approach a bit.

Tips to Optimize Website for Voice Search

Below we list some tips to optimize your website for voice search. Check them out and see if your website is good to cope up with this massive thing.

  1. Website Page Loading Speed: This is one of the most important factors in terms of improving your website ranking with respect to voice search. Your website has to be quick and it by no means should play with visitor’s patience. Thus, the first rule of making your website comply with the voice search feature, make it load fast.
  2. Schema Markup Codes: Schema markup codes are another important factor of the Voice Search feature. The use of these codes plays a decisive role in terms of generating results for your website. Learn more about boosting your website SEO with schema code.
  3. Covering the Search Queries: As mentioned, it is important for you to cover all the bases in terms of search intent on your website. In voice search, a majority of people will use the question form to enter their query. Thus, ensure that your website content answers all the questions that might come in the user’s mind related to your keyword.
  4. Focus on Local SEO: Voice Search queries will enhance the number of searches based on location. Thus, ensure that you don’t leave that base uncovered. Put more emphasis on the phrases like “near me”, “in my area”, “near my residence”, etc. Dominating Local SEO has to be a priority of your bucket list from now.
  5. Try to Include FAQs: FAQs will play a decisive role when the voice search comes in the driving seat. As mentioned, most users will input their search in the question form when they are using the voice search. And, FAQ gives you room to answer several questions and if it includes the searched question, chances of your website visibility are quite high. Thus, give considerable time to design your FAQ section and try to cover every thought of the user’s mind in this section.

To ensure the rise in your organic traffic, it is mandatory for your website to satisfy the voice search feature. If it doesn’t, you might be missing out on an important feature and thus giving your competitors an edge.

Voice searches have been increasing exponentially for over a while now. Thus, it becomes important for you to respond to this massive thing and give the visitors a high-quality user experience.

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