Google Panda update…are you affected?

Google introduced an important update in Mar 2011 called Panda update after the engineer Navneet Panda who worked towards adding machine learning techniques in Google Panda update to allow Google to go a better job at ranking websites. Here are some possible impacts that Panda might have on your website:

1) SEO Only Content Websites: Websites that have hired SEO writers only to write content to be appreciated by search engines will be in deep trouble. Gone are the days when when only unique content can do the job for you. You need unique+quality content that can “engage” the visitor and may be inspire them to share it with the world. It has a lot to do with human appreciation( online reviews, shared postings, comments etc.) of the content not just for some robot to crawl and discover the keywords & rank the site.

2) Level’s of Engagement (Usage/Engagement Metric): The overall engagement of the site will be used as a metric to discover how useful the site is for the visitor. For e.g. if your site had 1.5 average pages visited per visitor then you may just be do ing ok. If you had more like 3,4,5 or more, then you are definitely doing a better job. Several other criterion will be seen by search engines like CTR, Bounce rate etc to judge how useful your site is.

3) Design & Usability: This may not be a direct consideration by Google but it indirectly does affect your ranking. If your site is designed well, is easily usable and find relevant information, and you do not have to click several links to get to the information you need, this will ultimately make it more engaging to the visitor and help you improve your engagement metric. This will ultimately improve your site ranking.

With Google algorithms getting more and more smarter, there is more space created for businesses who involve in legitimate practices and lesser room for businesses who want to reach the clouds on Day 1.

Here are 23 questions you must ask if you are hit by Panda.

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