Ways to get results from broken link building

Ways to get results from broken link building

Get results from broken link building
The broken link building tactic is one of the most efficient tactics to invite traffic by the sources which are no longer active. The broken link building is undoubtedly one of the most difficult, time-consuming, and a bit heady-scratching processes, but the results after the process entirely justify the investment of efforts.

Broken Link Building is a proven tactic in terms of improving website SEO. Firstly, what exactly a broken link building is? The tactic is defined as the process to inform the website owners about the broken URLs they have used on the website page and recommend them linking it to a similar article which is yours.

A broken link building strategy benefits both, marketers, and publishers. The publisher will be able to rectify the broken link and replace the same with something relevant while the marketer will get a backlink for the website.

How to find a broken link building opportunity?

So, how do you find a broken link building opportunity? Your efficiency in terms of finding an opportunity and executing the same with perfection.

1. Find Resource Pages: A research page is something that incorporates some valuable & informational topics. These pages also include a large number of useful links. All you need to do is checking these links one after the other and note down the broken link if you find any.

This is a bit time-consuming process as you need to check out every link and note down the broken links individually. Thus, you must be ready to invest time & some effort if you decide to go with this method in terms of finding the resource page.

2. Analyzing Competitors: This is quite easy, and a time-effective way as compared to the above method. You can analyze your competitor’s link profiles using SEO tools and figure out the broken links they acquire.

Once you figure out the broken links, create a page with similar content, reach out to the website owners and inform them about the broken link. Also, recommend them to link to your website instead of those broken links.

How to succeed in the Broken Link Building campaign?

Extracted the list of broken links? That’s great! But how do you get success in ensuring that your article’s link is used as a replacement? Check out some cool tips to do the same below.

1. Reaching Out to the Right Person: Choosing the right person on whom you desire to pitch an email is an important thing to ensure successful link building. You can’t email the person holding the post of Director, Vice President, etc. about the broken link and expect a reply. You have to send an email to the person who is specifically concerned with the SEO department.

Use the Our Team/About Us page of the company efficiently to figure out the person to whom you need to send an email. You can also use social media to figure out if the person you are sending an email is ideal. Remember, once if you don’t get the reply, you can’t spam the person’s inbox with a number of emails. Thus, ensure that the first email you send is effective and is going to the right person.

2. Be Effective with Email: You need to ensure that you get a response on the first shot itself. So, it’s important that you stay effective with your email. Ensure that the first line you use in your email is eye-catchy and inviting the reader’s attention.

Be clear and be direct. Avoid beating around the bush as it will only push the user away from your email and he won’t even think for a minute before closing your email and most probably, delete the same. Beating around the bush will most probably snatch away the potential conversion from you.

Also, take care of the tone in which you write an email. Be polite and be a bit creative. Don’t use complex words as it makes the readers feel a bit confused and thus turns them off.

3. One or Two Follow-Up Email at Maximum: As mentioned, you can’t spam a person with your email every day. One or two follow-up emails after a pause of a couple of days are enough. If you don’t receive a response after two follow-ups, move on and focus on other potential leads.

4. Show Your Content’s Value to the Publisher: It is important that you show your website’s content value to the publisher. After all, you need to give the publisher a strong reason to use your website’s link. Ensure that the content you prepare is similar to the broken URL’s content. If your content is delivering value, it is an obvious thing that the publisher would love using your content.

5. Use Standard Email Template: When you are sending an email about link building, use the standard email template. It will avoid you from beating around the bush and save time for you to figure out the format of writing an email. The standard format of the broken link building is as follows:

Greetings [Receiver’s Name]

Highlight the broken link issue. Mention the link where the issue persists.
Offer your link as a replacement. Write a couple of lines explaining the value of the content you are providing.

End the email with something like “Either way you decide to go, but please keep delivering the value in your content in the same way as you have been doing it for the years.”

Thanks [Receiver’s Name]

Your Name

Once you decide to invest some sweat, it’s unlikely that you won’t be achieving success with the broken link building tactic. You just need to be a bit patient, a bit creative and be clear with your planning and execution. The above tips will surely help you to get clarity on how does the broken link building works and how do you achieve success in the same.

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