5 best website builders & how to choose the best?

5 best website builders & how to choose the best?

5 best website builders
Want to design a website for your business? But what if you don’t know programming? Is there any way to design it without coding? You might be delighted to know that the answer to each of the above questions is affirmative.

There are various website builders that allow you to design a website in an efficient way. Coding doesn’t come into the picture at all.

All you need to do is drag & drop and show your creativity in choosing website themes and designs.

Agreed, most users use WordPress to design websites and with the functionality that this platform comes with, it deserves this attention. But, are there any other useful options? Yes.

This blog gives you a clear idea of what are various website builders you can count on to ensure that the website you design is top-notch and inviting.

What are Website Builders?

Firstly, let’s understand what a website builder means. The website builder is simply a platform where you can create a website by using a drag and drop method.

Website Builders eliminate the need for coding completely. Thus, the website builders have made website development possible even with zero programming knowledge.

What are the top Website Builders?

So, what are the top website builders that will make it easy for you to develop an efficient website? We list them below. Have a read.

1. WordPress: Okay, we know that it’s obvious, but WordPress is our first choice when it comes to using any platform to design a website.

WordPress is one of the oldest and the most reliable website builders ensuring a simple and flexible user interface for the developers.

Almost 38% of the users use WordPress globally as their website building tool. Thus, the platform is clearly winning the race in terms of popularity. WordPress provides you entire control of your website which is another amazing thing about this platform.

Also, the platform comes with a large number of inbuilt plugins which makes executing several tasks easy for you. Be it SEO, or an attractive website design, WordPress has everything in for you.

WordPress also comes with a large number of website themes which help you to ensure that your website complements your niche perfectly. Thus, our number one choice to build a website; WordPress.

However, with WordPress, you might face problems in installing plugins? Also, WordPress comes with some security problems as it’s a self-hosted platform.

2. Wix: Another easy-to-use website builder that hardly demands any effort from you. Just start with a template and start customizing it according to your vision & requirements.

With Wix, you don’t need to be a design wizard at all. You can be a beginner and you can design a website like a pro.

Wix also comes with an Artificial Design Intelligence that eliminates the need for drag & drop too. You just need to answer a few questions and it will automatically design a website for you. So, what’s more you want?

Wix incorporates everything; from a blogging website to an e-commerce platform, and that too with extreme ease & flexibility.

However, there’s one downside with Wix. You can’t export files, pages, or codes which makes it difficult to scale your business at any stage.

3. Weebly: Weebly is another flexible website builder which comes with a large number of features alongside it. From domain registration to website design, Weebly has everything in.

Weebly too comes with a drag and drop functionality which makes it easy for the users to develop their websites. This website builder is a perfect option for start-ups.

Also, features like PayPal integration, automatic tax calculator make Weebly suitable for e-commerce website design. Weebly offers several SEO tools along with Google Analytics.

Downside? Weebly comes with very limited functionality which makes it a good option for basic website design but might bring difficulties alongside it when you move towards expanding your online presence.

Agreed, the interface is extremely simple to understand and use, but it is this simplicity that doesn’t allow the platform to incorporate several important & advanced functionalities.

4. WebNode: WebNode is the best choice for you if you are looking to design a website in a different language.

WebNode website builder is your reliable bet if you are looking to design an e-commerce website and the website compatible with Android, & Mac devices.

WebNode also allows you to track your website success and that too without paying a single penny.

Though, WebNode too misses some basic & advanced features which might give you a tough time when you decide to scale up your online presence.

5. Shopify: The name itself will give you clarity on several things. If you are looking to build an online store, Shopify is your best bet.

The popularity of the Shopify website builder is increasing on daily basis. With this website builder, you can set up an online store with ease. Also, the platform gives you several features by which you can manage the same with ease.

The biggest benefit of this website builder? Security. Now, as you are building an online store, you definitely need security as there will be transactions.

And the Shopify website builder doesn’t compromise on the security feature at all. The functionality of the platform is so powerful that it ensures smooth store management for both, seller & buyer.

However, there’s a limitation of this platform too. There are several features where this platform lacks and thus giving WordPress an edge. Also, there is a certain amount you need to pay on every sale you make which might subside your margin a bit.

How do you select the best Website Builder?

Now as you know the best website builders for you, let’s check out certain things you need to consider ensuring that you select the best for yourself.

1. Export Feasibility: If you are designing a website for your business, this is a feature that you might have to consider.

If the website builder you choose doesn’t offer this functionality, scaling up your business might be a bit difficult at the later stage. It might make you start from scratch which is not a feasible option at all.

2. User-Interface: Drag & drop functionality always wins the race. This functionality makes the website designing easy for the person having no or less programming knowledge.

Thus, if coding isn’t your strong part, and if you don’t want to do deep research for the change you want to make in your website, go with the platform offering drag & drop option.

3. Features: Obviously, one of the most important things! Simplicity is one thing, and incorporating features is another. Choosing a website builder that lacks basic features might make the entire developing process difficult for you.

Lack of basic & advanced features will make scaling your online presence a bit difficult for you. Thus, whenever you select a website builder, research the must-have features, and see that they are incorporated in the same.

4. Price: Some website builders are a bit expensive, while some are permanently free. The irony is that some website builders that are expensive don’t cater to the basic requirements, while some builders which are free are a go-to option for any sort of requirement.

Thus, it all comes to your research. Research extensively, read out the features that a website builder offers, check out the Google Reviews, check out the price, and then decide the best for you.

Ensure that every penny you are investing will be absolutely worth it before going with any website builder.

5. Support Team: The factor that most website developers don’t pay detailed attention to. What if you land in some trouble while designing a website and you require support for the same? You will definitely reach out to the website builder’s support team.

Unfortunately not every support team provides prompt response. It seems like they don’t love their jobs at all. Thus, the response you get from them won’t solve your issue at all. The solution? Don’t go with that website builder.

How do you know if the support team is up to the mark? Check out their responsiveness, and their desire to solve your issue before you decide to move ahead with a website builder. The first interaction itself will tell you a lot about the support team of a website builder.

Developing your website is a big step. You are about to give your business an online presence that is going to make it thrive.

As much as you are excited to design your website, it’s also essential to ensure that you keep certain things in your mind and select only the best. And we are sure that the above information will help you out to do so.

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