The Client – Convenient Business Services – Based out of Orange County, the Company has over 21 years of experience in assisting small sized business in bookkeeping and tax filing. This project was Turnkey in nature as it was for the first time that the company was going for an online presence. Pat’s Marketing was responsible for all aspects related to creating and marketing an online brand for Convenient Business Services. The various aspects managed by Pat’s Marketing for this project include Web design, Logo design, content writing, business card design and Search Engine Marketing.

What the Clients Expected from Pat’s Marketing
Client wanted a website that would get them additional business through the Internet and Search Engines. It should also be professional and impress and win the trust of existing and potential clients.

Key aspects of the Website Design and Marketing
The web and logo design was so made that it truly reflected the professional approach of the Company. The design of the website reflected the customer convenience, service and satisfaction aspect of  which is core to the principles of our client – Convenient Business Service. The sales catch points include providing an inquiry form on each page to make it easy to get in touch, a phone number provided at the top of the website and easily noticeable together with an option for the potential client to get a free analysis of their income tax return, right on the home page. This ensured that the customers receive a taste for both convenience and the competency of Convenient Business Service.

Where the Challenges lied
Since it was a turnkey project and it was for the first time that the company was creating an online presence, the task was much more challenging than revamping an existing website. We had to make sure that the website, the logo, and the content truly brings out the competencies of our client, is able to win the trust and confidence of potential and existing clients, and correctly communicates the value and scope of the services that Convenient Business Services offers. This involved a true understanding of not only our client, but also correctly gauge and understand the expectations of potential and existing clients of Convenient Business Service.

While doing all of the above, we also made sure the site is easy to navigate and is also impressive.

Website and Stationary Items…please be patient to load the high resolution graphic below.

Website / Print Media for Tax Firm


  • The launch of the site proved profitable for the client at the very start. It got 2 new clients in less than a month.
  • Impressed with our proficiency, the client also hired Pat’s Marketing for Search Engine marketing. We now help the client manage their marketing program via Google Ads program
  • Pat’s Marketing was able to exceed the expectations of Convenient Business Services

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