The Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide and includes more than 2 million publisher sites like and (Source: comScore)

Google Display Ads helps you get visibility for your business at the right time to the right audience yet, at pennies on a dollar.

What Are Display Ads?

In search engine perspective, Display Ads refer to text/image/video Ads appearing on Display Network. Display Network refers to the network of all the websites/blogs on the web which support advertisements for e.g.,,, and millions of other websites.

Display Ads Are Used By Local And National Businesses For One Or More Of The Following:

  • To make Pay Per Click and other marketing campaigns more effective
  • Ensure visibility and engagement with buyers throughout the buying cycle at a very affordable rate
  • Contextually targeting users on websites and pages that are relevant to your business
  • As a branding solution to stay on top of your competition
  • Reach your customers or potential buyers across a variety of devices – including mobile, tablet, and desktop and variety of platforms – Video-Youtube, Blog, News, Website, Mobile Apps etc.
  • Engage buyers with Rich media Ads including video & Image Ads

Why Google Display Ads Are Gaining Popularity?

Most users typically research & read information online related to the product or service they are interested to buy. Display Ads offer a subtle way to target such users during their buying cycle by showing Ads alongside relevant content they are browsing. This improves your chances of earning their business.

A strategically devised Google Display Ads campaign displays your Ad on relevant websites based on the topic, keyword related to your business, demographic or interest/age or based on their previous visit to your website. A user can click on your Ad and reach your website or call you.

Among Display Ads, Youtube and Video Ads are gaining more popularity as the most engaging form of Advertisement!

Display Ad Formats:

  • Text Ads: Includes a headline, two lines of text (35 characters each), and a URL.
  • Image Ads: These ads let you include relevant images, customized layouts, and background colors.
  • Rich Media Ads: Rich media ads are essentially image ads that have interactive elements, animations, or other aspects that can change depending on who is looking at the ad and how they interact with the ad.
  • Video Ads: Create an ad and embed a video that plays directly within it

Text Ads on Websites

Image Ads on Websites

Video Ads on Websites

Ads on Mobile Websites

Video Ads – The Most Effective Display Ads:

Youtube Social Media

Video Ads help you achieve a higher click-through rate and a better brand recall!!
Youtube Video Ads

According to a report by MediaMind, a division of DG – the world’s leading ad management and distribution platform, the click-through rate (CTR) for video ads is 27.4 times that of traditional banners and roughly 12 times that of rich media ads. Thus, the chance of engaging with a potential customer is far higher with a Video Ads as compared to a typical display or banner ad.

Video Ads also help a much stronger brand recall than is possible with other ad formats. This is primarily because video helps you be more creative and comprehensive in your message. Hence the chance for a potential customer to recall a brand advertised through video ad is also much higher than recalling a brand through traditional ad format.

A Few Practical Scenarios Where Google Display Ads Could Be Useful

  • Use Case #1 If you are auto garage/body shop, you might choose to display your Ads to people who have visited your website and who now visit a blog offering information on the latest cars or tips for car maintenance etc.
  • Use Case #2 If you are a carpet cleaning business, you may choose to show your Ads to prospects reading articles on Home & Garden topics.
  • Use Case #3 If you a vet clinic, you may display your Ads to pet lovers or on pet websites
  • Use Case #4: If you sell trekking shoes, you can display Ads on blogs related to adventure or travel.

and much more..

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