The Client
Mike Bass – Former National Football League (NFL) Player

Project Entrusted to Pat’s Marketing
Development of – the official fan club website for Mike Bass – a highly distinguished NFL player who represented Washington Redskins and has a massive fan following.

The Challenge
Make a striking fan club website with 25-30 pages. The site should be search engine friendly and must include fast and secure E-commerce facility i.e. the ability to accept credit card payments securely. The previous developer, whom Mike fired took 2 years and was still not able to produce any tangible results. Mike needed something concrete and fast.

What the Client Expected in a New Site
Mike Bass was keen for a professional and search engine friendly website which reflects the seriousness of an official website of a famous sports person. Through the website Mike wanted to share authentic information about him and connect with his fans directly. He also wanted the website to serve as a base through which he could sell his autographed memorabilia and photographs.

With a history of dealing with incompetent web development companies, Mike really wanted to start afresh and work with a vendor who could be trusted and could deliver a master piece in the given timeframe.

How Pat’s Marketing Helped?
As per the client’s expectations, Pat’s Marketing came up with the official Mike Bass fan club website in a just 2-3 months time. The site was given a professional look with a reliable E-commerce platform to host the website on by Pat’s Marketing. To make the website appear visually appealing Parmilla Gnanasekaran design company was used. A Washington Redskins logo was presented in the top left corner to highlight the team which Mike Bass proudly represented. The site included detailed information about the player segregated in various pages. An online store was added as per Mike’s wish through which his fans can purchase his autographed memorabilia. The site also includes a feature through which fans can directly speak with Mike.

Website Snapshot…please be patient to load the high resolution graphic below.

Mike Bass E-Commerce Site By Pat’s Marketing

The Outcome
Mike Bass was highly impressed with our efforts. What his previous web developer was not able to achieve in 2 years, Pat’s Marketing was able to offer him in 2-3 months. Pleased with our performance, the stellar player consulted Pat’s Marketing for several projects after the first successful engagement three years ago. For e.g., we were given a chance to develop a new website –, for Mike’s Consulting Business; besides, Pat’s Marketing was also given the opportunity to develop a mother page –, which highlights all his activities in professional life. Mike continues to hire services of Pat’s Marketing for various web development and web marketing jobs as it comes.

What Mike Bass has to Say about Pat’s Marketing

Highly Professional, Knowledgeable, and “hands on”! Very satisfied with the service
“I have been extremely pleased with the web development service I received from Pat’s Marketing, including its innovative consultation and advice directed at making our site customer friendly and sales effective. I have been disappointed on numerous occasions by other development companies as they were only interested in finding new ways to charge me a fee and at the same time, not performing as agreed. It was very refreshing to find that Pat’s Marketing was not this kind of development company, but a company having at its base customer satisfaction. I can not say enough about just how professional, knowledgeable, and “hands on” Pat’s Marketing is. Every development company should find a way to copy the Pat’s Marketing formula and philosophy.”

–MIKE BASS, Former NFL Player, Washington Redskins
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