Our journey with auto glass industry started in 2014 when Mr. Patel’s car was broken into and the glass damaged. After an auto glass shop fixed the glass, he inquired from the owner about how their Google Ads was doing. Like most business owners, he had no idea. Mr. Patel took a look into their Google Ads campaign and found a lot of room to improve. That is how we started working with auto glass companies. Since then, we haven’t looked back.

Pat’s Marketing manages about $500K in Ad spend per year for auto glass industry.

For auto glass industry, we have two proven programs to get leads.

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  2. Pay Per Click (Google & Bing Ads)

Which Marketing Option to choose?

First start by asking yourself the below questions:

  1. What is your goal ? Branding, lead generation?
  2. How fast do you want results ? Fast/Right now or Slow/Long term
  3. How much is your monthly budget?

PPC: Marketing with Fast Results / Higher Budget?

If you need FAST results, Google Ads is your best bet. It requires a higher monthly budget. Though there is no minimum, consider $1,300/mo. as a starting budget.

The Good about PPC

  1. PPC will pay for itself
  2. You will get leads almost instantly (within days or weeks)
  3. You only pay for targeted leads so no budget wastage

The Not so Good about PPC

  1. PPC is Expensive
  2. You pay for every click
  3. The moment you stop PPC, leads stop coming in so it requires continuous spend

SEO: Slower Results / Lower Budget

If you have business and don’t need Fast results, SEO is the recommended option. It requires a lower monthly budget. Our SEO plans for auto glass companies start at $300/mo.

The Good About SEO:

  1. Lower monthly spend
  2. You don’t pay per click
  3. Once you are in Top 10, you can get unlimited leads without paying per lead or click

The Not so Good About SEO:

  1. Long time to see results. Most SEO programs take 3-6 months to see results
  2. Continuous Google algorithm changes mean results aren’t guaranteed.
  3. Ranking fluctuations may occur so continuous efforts are required. Hence, SEO is required on an ongoing basis

Client Testimonials

We are very happy about the service they are doing to our shop. They deserve more than five stars. Very good experience especially working with Mr. Patel he helped our company to rank first on google. –Advantage Auto Glass Toronto

Very professional and honest company. Abhi set me up with a professional website in no time. Would definitely recommend to anyone I know!  — Ray Jaro, National Auto Glass Brampton


Google Ads – Client Result #1 – $23 per lead – AS CHEAP AS IT CAN GET!

Google Ads – Client Result #2 – $30 per lead in Toronto is EXCEPTIONAL!

Why Us vs other Toronto Digital Marketing Agencies?

  • We have 15+ years experience in running Google Ads & SEO with a very high success rate and 8+ years experience in auto glass marketing.
  • We currently manage $500K in Ad spend for auto industry per year
  • We are Google Ads certified & Google Partner company. We also hold the Bing Ads accredited professional status
  • You work directly with the owner of the company who is your Google Ads Management consultant so you get trustworthy suggestions & no selling unnecessary accessories!
  • We charge a flat fee to manage your Google Ads unlike other PPC agencies who may not be very transparent in their management fees and how much funds are allocated to your click budget….BEWARE of such agencies!
  • We have strong experience in web design, SEO & PPC management unlike some agencies who only know one or the other. This means we know how to bring in relevant traffic to your website & also how to convert it into business
  • We are a small business, driven by a passion for results and know our clients by name! So you get a personalized service without having to talk to a different person each time you call or email us.
  • And finally our clients rate us very highly. See our reviews.

Contact our Auto Glass Marketing Pros- Pat’s Marketing at 1-888-488-7287 to work with us.

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