Whether your project involves designing and developing a website with several thousand pages or a informational site with a few pages, our web design methodology will always consist of all the following critical elements that will help meet your business goals.

Planning Phase

  • Based on your business goals, collect requirements and details from you and other stakeholders using a questionnaire
  • Research data from your market and competitors on Internet – search engines/social media and other sites
  • Analyze and compare data and your internet business space.
  • Identify focus/target areas and create a plan of action for your website

Design & Development Phase

  • Develop a unique messaging for your site using the right pictures and message
  • Create conceptual layouts for all/main pages
  • Create a PDF design document and send the design for your review
  • After design is finalized, the development phase starts which involves converting the layouts into web format
  • Layout is tested on all browsers for any display issues
  • Thorough testing is completed followed by sending the link to you for review
  • Once site is approved, the pages and content is optimized for higher results in search engines

Project Management

  • Manage and monitor progress between design and development with regular communication and addressing any of your questions
  • Make sure all design details are translated well into the design
  • Make sure to include all important keywords in content
  • Resolve any other implementation issues

Launch / Post Launch Guarantee

  • Design quality check and launch of your site
  • Client Feedback post launch
  • 30-Day post launch guarantee for any fix required on the website

As each and every website has different goals and objectives, and a unique set of challenges’, we at Pat’s Marketing understand this and adapt our methodologies to the contingencies of each situation.

In addition, our business website design package provides you with unlimited sets of features that support your website in more ways than one. You can choose to include rotating banners, unlimited pages, self-managed content etc. and much more. We also support all your websites anytime that you need help with.

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