Most traditional websites work well only on laptop or desktop screens, while they are not designed for optimal or desired viewing comfort and pleasure on mobile phones or tablets. A growing proportion of online customers now use smartphones more often than before to connect with you. Your website design therefore needs to be friendly to all of these devices which have different screen sizes. Such design methodology is referred to as mobile-friendly website design and such websites are called responsive or mobile-friendly websites. Responsive websites can render accurately on most devices. Our mobile website designs are tested to work on a wide variety of most commonly used mobile and tablets for instance – smartphones like iPhone/Android/Samsung etc., tablets like iPad, Nexus, Surface etc.

Did you know?….Both Google & Bing take into account the mobile friendliness of the website while deciding the rankings for your website. That means a mobile-friendly website will be better positioned to rank above one that is not mobile-friendly!
Mobile Response Websites

Our website designers use mobile responsive platforms like Wordpress to build websites that are not only mobile optimized but also offer content management capabilities. Here are some of the mobile-friendly website features:

  • Touch friendliness
  • Use of right font size
  • The right width, so users don’t have to scroll sideways
  • Easily traceable Call to action / Click to Call buttons that catch user attention
  • Easy access to business contact information, reviews, etc.
  • Use of short, simple content, while not compromising on the message
  • For an e-commerce site, the check out process is simplified as much as possible
  • Avoidance of file formats that mobiles are not equipped to deal with for e.g. Flash
  • Use right image sizes to save on downloading time without negotiation on viewing experience.

Here are few mobile responsive website samples designed by Pat’s Marketing:

Not Sure If Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly Or Not?

Use Google’s mobile-friendly test tool and enter your website address and click on ‘Analyze’.  If it fails the test, that means your website is not mobile optimized.

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