Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

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The year 2020 has seen numerous fluctuations in the market. Be it, the way people shop to the way entrepreneurs manage their business, it has been a different ball game altogether. Some fields have seen unfortunate downfall, while some have seen a tremendous rise.

Digital Marketing is a field that has seen an immense rise and change in trends in the past one year. With a majority of businesses going online, Digital Marketing has evolved a lot, and all for good reasons.

What are the Digital Marketing Trends of 2021?

Here we list factors that have become trends in the Digital Marketing field in 2021.

1. Smart Bidding: Smart Bidding is not a new thing at all. However, there were flaws in the previous versions of smart bidding. While Google is expected to make necessary changes and make it a perfect go-to tool for the bidders, Smart Bidding is believed to be one of the most popular Digital Marketing trends in 2021.

Smart Bidding will eliminate the meticulous task every content curator needs to perform like ad placement. You can count on Google’s updated AI algorithm to ensure the task is done and in the way you want. However, Automated Bidding has been there for a while now, Smart Bidding will be simply an enhanced version of the same.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI): If you are into IT, Artificial Intelligence might not be a new subject for you. Your segment might want you to know the preferences of your audience. However, it is difficult to figure out the preferences when you have a higher range of target audiences.

This is where AI will come into action. AI can efficiently analyze the search behavior of the user and thus help you to figure out the preferences of your audience. Also, Google Ads have inbuild AI with dynamic search Adgroup. Thus, it is a no-brainer that AI will come into effect in 2021 and it will create a buzz.

3. Virtual Assistants: Virtual Assistants or say Chatbots are believed to be used more to interact with the customers and thus increase the sale. The virtual assistants are quick with the things like fetching the history of the customers, giving instant replies to the texts, and ensuring a 24/7 helpline availability.

Virtual Assistants are believed to boost the quality of the user experience to a great extent. With the rise of sectors like e-commerce, virtual assistants will make things easy for both-end parties.

4. User Experience: Maximum user experience will be a major thing in Google’s agenda in 2021. In fact, Google will be rolling a page experience update  in June 2021. This clearly proves that Google wants to deliver the best.

Maximum user experience will be a major factor that every website owner will focus on. With this update forcing the poorly designed website owners, the user experience is set to be one of the major Digital Marketing trends in 2021. And, if you are one of those thinking to start a website, keep every aspect regarding a maximum user experience in your mind.

5. Semantic Search: Semantic Search means understanding the intent of the searcher while he enters any search query. It will personalize the content you are delivered and thus it will be more specific.

Google algorithm will take and figure out anything like spelling mistake, incorrect grammar, incomplete search term, etc. and deliver the most specific content. Semantic Search is just meant to make surfing work easy for searchers. Thus, it will be more important for websites to recognize the search intent  of the user and incorporate the content accordingly. You as a website owner will have to ensure that your website consists of answers to every question regarding your focus keyword.

6. Voice Search: People now prefer voice search over manual typing and scrolling. And, with the flexibility it offers, it’s completely understandable. Google will be focusing more on providing the users with some voice search features. This will subside the things like typing and scrolling for the users to a great extent.

The voice search will make users inclined to visit the first thing that he sees on the Google Search results. While in type & scroll, there are chances that a user will scroll down and will check a considerable amount of search results. Thus, the voice over type will increase the importance of website rankings to a great extent.

7. Virtual Reality (VR): VR is a computer technology that creates a simulated environment and allows the users to interact with the 3D virtual world. The entertainment industry will be getting major help from VR. However, if used efficiently, it will be of major use in Digital Marketing.

The VR allows the users to switch between the search keyboard and video with ease and thus allows them to search and enjoy the video stream at the same time. If you are a YouTube lover, you are eager to get this feature. Maybe, 2021 is the year when your long-term desire will be fulfilled.

8. Live Streaming: COVID-19 has increased the importance of live streaming to a great extent. The year 2020 has seen the influencers using the live streaming medium to stay connected with the people. It will be no surprise if Digital Marketers use live streaming in 2021.

The biggest example of the Live Stream success is Amazon live. Live Streaming establishes a trust factor among the audience regarding the influencers. In fact, numerous brands have started using the live streaming medium to promote themselves and get a higher reach.

9. Earning Trust By UGC: UGC stands for user-generated content. This factor is purely about earning the trust of the users. Many people facing financial constraints refrain from purchasing the products without due verification and ensuring the product is absolutely worth it.

This is the reason that most business owners will start using UGC. UGC includes several things like testimonials, customer reviews, and Google ratings. These aspects give the purchaser a reason to trust and invest in the product.

10. The Augmented Reality (AR) for Marketing: Augmented Reality has been used by numerous brands like IKEA, and Coca-Cola. Most experts believe that there will be stiff competition between AR and VR. The year 2021 will see a major change in the Digital Marketing trend, with AR & VR being the base of this change.

This was all about the top aspects we believe to be top Digital Marketing trends in 2021. If you are looking to build your online presence according to the latest Digital Marketing trends, Pat’s Marketing, Toronto Digital Marketing Company can help. You can reach out to us by using the contact number 888-488-7287 (toll-free). We will ensure you build a strong online presence along with advising you on some of the best practices which are a part of the Digital Marketing trend.